Where it all started:

Restful Trails Food Forest Gardens

Restful Trails Food Forest Gardens has been “under construction” for about 39 years. We purchased the land in 1971 shortly before my husband and I were married. There was an old farmhouse (1900) on the property with a few trees around the house (apple, ash, pear, maple), a few ancient concord grapevines and some wild roses and daylilies. There were a couple of large aspen trees to the East and a small Aspen/Maple woods to the far North of the property and one Large Oak tree at the far East side by the road.

Over the years we have planted as many trees as we could afford, thousands of perennials (food, flowers and herbs), partially fenced in the property and planted lots of vines.

We also put up a garage and a few outbuildings, there were two old falling down barns on the property, one has since been removed and the small one on the edge of the woods has since been engulfed in the spreading aspen forest and brambles.

Recently we gave a small section of land to our son to the East and he has put up a home and garage. In 2002 our farmhouse was struck by lightening and destroyed. At that time we purchased a home and set it 40’ farther back from the old house site on the property. A raised drain field was required for the property, and we had topsoil and sand taken from a low area in the field to backfill in around the house and drain field, which left a shallow pondy hole to the North east of the house, this now is becoming our pond.

The woods was pulped off in the 70’s and grew back very thickly and spread over several more acres of the property. Evergreens are filling in the 5 acres of field to the East and

We are in the process of developing the woods, the pond, the forest gardens and the field/woods into trails and food forest gardens…thus Restful Trails Food Forest Gardens has come to be.