Saturday, November 9, 2013

trying to update blog...will not let me type in the body of the blog, sorry..lots I would love to say

Autumn update 2013

Well it has been a LONG time since I was able to update my blog. For one thing my computer hasn't been working right and also there has been a lot going on here this year.

Ron had to have emergency surgery to save his life on June 12, 8 hours of spinal surgery. He is doing well now and even has the neck brace off, but he was in the hospital and recovery for a very long time.

My summer was basically non existant because of Ron's problems and the drought killed off most of my garden that did sprout, I had bad seeds that didn't sprout also so it was a horrible garden year.

We did however have some successes with trees after all the winter loss of rabbit damage. We have had a baby trees bear this year that

Mid June is siberian Iris time..also roses, daisies, etc.

Well, Ron had to have emergency surgery a week ago and now is in rehab. I'm way behind on my garden work as I'm spending a lot of time at the hospital and also preparing the house for him to come home a bit more disabled than he was when he left..possibly with a wheelchair or a walker so need to move furniture and make sure there are no trip hazards (besides the cats). Might even have to build a ramp.

I went around just before dark and snapped some photos..mostly of siberian iris that are blooming everywhere, but also some other things as well. If I have to build a handicap ramp it will be going from the house to this garden in the front yard.

Here you can see some blue, purple, yellow and even a few white ones peeking out in the far back..this is in our front yard..(need to mow).
Should have picked off the yellow leaves and cleaned it up..but my climbing rose is just opening up it's first blooms and my new baby blue clematis is happily climbing thru that little thing...
Here are some more siberian iris, blue, purple, and yellow ones..on the other side of our front yard (we really have them everywhere and they badly need dividing if anyone wants to come dig some up.)
As if I had time with Ron in the hospital.
Anyone want a salad, (the side of my hugelbed)..

These ones in the field were mowed over this spring, and it never even hurt them..they are tough.

Part of our food forest where a baby sweet cherry tree is growing....also a few siberian iris (again).
And here is another part, 3 of our pear trees planted along our deck (for easier picking) and underplanted with daylillies, iris, comfrey and lots of other plants in the food forest method to provide nutrients and pollination.

My computer is giving me fits so other photos will have to wait....

haven't been able to post on my blog since June