Tuesday, September 14, 2010

North bank and dock

Well Ron worked on the North bank of the pond last night but he kinda tore up the level ground, so I spent about 3 hours raking it all level this morning/afternoon and got it done really nice..all ready for grass seed.

While the water is out of the pond I decided to get ready to put a dock in on the North end of the pond, now off of the finished bank. I dug 2 post holes in the shallow pond about 10' out from the bank, and framed in a dock about 4' wide and 10' long.

I'll finish this later but got the digging that had to be done before we get rain and the pond fills back in. When the pond is full the water level will nearly reach the decking on the dock (which I'll add when i can buy the baords)...you will be able to sit on the dock and hang your feet over into the water and nearly touch the floor of the pond in this shallow area..and to the East of the dock is where it is deeper and there are white water lilies and purple arum planted. I'm considering extending this dock all the way across this narrow area of the pond to the West bank..which would make it a bridge rather than a dock.

I have some rustic posts salvaged and I'm planning on putting an arbor on the North bank at the end of the dock (or bridge) and I have a grapevine ordered and an apricot tree, and hope to put the grapevine over a rustic arbor on the North bank, that you would walk through to reach the dock/bridge, and then plant the apricot tree up on the bank as well nearby. I had to move two shrubs that were right in the walkway at the end of the dock as they would have blocked access to it, one was a golden chamaecyparis and i moved it slightly to the east of the area where the arbor will be, and the other was a red leaf barberry, full size, and I moved it to the south west , so it won't scratch people walking onto the dock..but it will still be very nearby and will be a pretty accent in that area.

There are other plants along the North bank of the dock. A white edge variegated dogwood, other barberries, both red and gold leafed ones. Several arborvitaes and colored foliage junipers in blue and gold and green, a gold leaf spirea, an alberta and a blue spruce, and a  white pine, some rocket ligularias, some hostas, some filipendulas with pink flowers, siberian and bearded iris, daylillies, hardy geraniums, plus many other perennial plants and shrubs, a rhododendron and even a baby weeping willow tree.

This is a baby area and will be really nice when it grows up.

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