Friday, July 4, 2014

My project for the past week and a half, moving the waterfall

Here are some shots of my "nearly finished" waterfall. I moved it off of the island across the pond to the SE corner. The island was just too overgrown with trees so it was not working there.

This is a view across the south end of the pond looking east toward the new waterfall placement..I haven't finished adding pavers on the path on the left hand side of the picture and have to haul more mulch is a farther away photo.

You can see a little more of the surrounding trees and shrubs. The next photo is the approach from the south ..

The is a path off of the lawn, the area around the pond is quite brushy and uneaven. Fixing that will not happen or not for a while anyway. To the right of the mulch I plan to work on the lawn area as it is all just weeds there..


The next photo is from behind the plastic bench I put up there to rest on..

I gathered all the rocks pavers and mulch I could get so far (thank you to my sister Beverly for some nice pink rocks !) the ground stake decorations are from my other sister Bette.



I got some nice potted perennials and shrubs from Home Depot and Meijer and dug the others up elsewhere in the yard..still plan on bringing some other perennials and trees into the area perennials really need dividing.

Not sure if the still photos show the water falling overf the rocks or not, but it is there. I split the stream to run on both sides of the center partition of rocks, it pools slightly and then runs under a flat rock on each side, over a flat rock and then down into the water..not much fall cause the pond is very high with all the rain..may have to adjust the flat rocks when the pond level goes down.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, not completed but pretty much there..oh the plant you can see in the bottom rh corner of the last photo is a black lace elderberry with pink will grow about 8 to 10 feet tall and give me berries for jelly (my mom's favorite jelly is elderberry)