Sunday, September 5, 2010

Digging in the Pond

Well we got a little pond digginig done today, will try to get it finished off tomorrow.
With all the rain that we have had there is way too much moisture in the soil to do everything that we had planned..We'll get the pond DUG, but the piles will stay on the banks until some of the water drains out and the piles get dry enough to move, maybe not until next year, so there will be a mess around the pond for this winter.

Will post more photos of the pond dig later on.

There was a Heron that was very interested in the pond digging too, it woud circle over and land next door on the pond there, and then when we were finishing up for the night the Heron landed in the top of a tree in our woods and watched for a long time, and then flew off. Think maybe he'll be back tomorrow.
Photo not too good as it was dark and it was up in a tree far away...and moisture was fogging the lens of the camera..but you can see him up in the tree.

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