List of Plants growing at Restful Trails food Forest Garden (not complete)

Plant list for Restful Trails Food Forest Garden

Listed are things growing here, followed by orders for 2011 and 2012 at bottom

Quaking Aspen
White Oak (edible fruit)
Red Maple
Amur Maple
Shagbark Maple
Threadleaf Japanese Maple
Bloodgood Maple
White Ash (keys edible as pickles)
Dwarf North Star Cherry (2) (edible fruit, leaves tea)
Bing Cherry (2) (edible fruits, leaves tea)
Canadian Ornamental Redleaf Cherry
Wild Cherry (fruit edible leaves poison)
5 on 1 Dwarf Pear with Bartlett, Keiffer, Moonglow, Orient and Ayers (edible fruits)
Dwarf Ayers Pear (2) (edible fruits)
Bartlett Pear (edible fruits)
Buerre Bosc Pear (edible fruits)
Red Anjou Pear (edible fruits)
Moonglow Pear (edible fruits)
5 on 1 Dwarf Apple Tree with Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Dark Red Jonathon, Yates and Winesap (edible fruits and flowers)
Collonade Crimson Spire apple tree (2) (edible fruits and flowers)
Collonade Crab apple (edible fruits and flowers)
Sweet 16 apple Tree (edible fruits and flowers)
Royal Gala apple Tree (edible fruits and flowers)
Braeburn Apple Tree (edible fruits and flowers)
Snow Apple Tree (edible fruits and flowers)
seedling apple Northern Spy parantage (edible fruits and flowers) 2 other seedling apples one golden early and one red later
Fingerlakes Peach S H Dwarf (graft died)
Reliance Peach Dwarf (graft died)
Contender Peach Dwarf (edible fruit, pits)
two seedling peach trees
Dwarf Fruit cocktail Tree with 6 varieties of nectarines, peaches, plums, apricots (fruits edible)
Sugar Pearls Apricot (edible fruits)
Mount Royal Plum (2) (edible fruits)
6 wild plum (edible fruits)
Paw Paw (edible fruits)
Elderberries (4 varieties incl wild John, Adams, Black) (edible fruits and flowers)
Creeping wintergreen (edible fruits and leaves)
Strawberry (edible fruits and leaves)
Wild Strawberry (edible fruits and leaves)
Strazzberry (edible fruits and leaves)
Candice Seedless Grapes (edible fruits and leaves )
Reliance Seedless Grapes (edible fruits and leaves)
100 plus year old Concord grapes (edible fruits and leaves)
Interlaken Seedless Grapes (edible fruits and leaves)
Mars Seedless Grapes (edible fruits and leaves)
Remaily Seedless Grapes (edible fruits and leaves)
9 varieties of Blueberries including Elliott, Blueray, Bluejay, Coville, Earliblue, Northland, Patriot (edible fruits)
Wild Raspberries (edible fruits and leaves) also Black Raspberries Logan, Jewel, Blackhawk, Purple Raspberries, Royalty, Red Raspberries Heritage and Fallred, and Golden Blackberries Fallgold, Amber and Anne (fruits and leaves)
Prime Jan Blackberries (edible fruits and leaves)
Wild Blackberries (edible fruits and leaves) and cultivated Black Satin Thornless
Wild Black Currant (edible fruits and leaves)
Black Mulberry (edible fruits)
Service Berry (2) (edible fruits)
Mountain Ash (edible fruits)
Goumi (edible fruits)
Russian Olive (edible fruits)
Autumn Olive (edible fruits)
Hydrangea (many varieties)
Viburnum (many varieties)
Mock Orange
Lilac (many varieties) (edible flowers)
Honeysuckle (Freedom and others) (edible flowers)
Willow (many varieties including weeping and wild)
Cotinus Smoke bush (Red leaf)
Barberry (several red leaf and gold leaf varieities) (edible fruits)
Spirea (several different spireas)
Euonymus (several variegated)
Variegated (white edge) Dogwood
Wild dogwood
Juniper (several varieties) (some have edible berries)
Chamaecyparis (several varieties gold mop and others)
Arborvitae (several Varieties)
Blue spruce
White Spruce
Black spruce
Black Hills Spruce
Alberta spruce
Canadian Hemlock (edible tips)
White Pine
Austrian Pine
Jack Pine
Scots Pine
Red Pine
Eastern Red Cedar
Sweet Chestnut (edible fruits) (2)
Dwarf American Hazelnut (6) (edible fruits)
Halls Hardy Almond (edible fruits)
Stark Bountiful Butternut (edible fruits)
Mammoth Hickory (2) (edible fruits)
Carpathian English Walnut (edible fruits)
Stark Kwik Krop Black Walnut (1) edible fruits also put seeds of some in woods) also seeds of Beechnuts in woods

Columbines (many varieties)
Butterfly flower
Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth
Cosmos (flowers edible)
Many varieities of Roses including wild and others..some listed are Purple Pavement,  Nearly Wild, Climbing America, Tropicana, Gold Showers, and many others) (flowers and hips edible)
Morning glories (4 varieties including Carnivale de Venezia and Raffles)
Russel Lupines
Water Lily (several varieties) (some edible)
Pickeral Weed (edible)
Comfrey (edible ..small amounts)
Purple coneflower
H Geranium (many varieties) (leaves for tea)
Sweet William (flowers edible)
Sweet Pea (pods edible)
Russian Sage
Mallow (edible)
Sidalcea (edible)
Hollyhock (edible)
Hibiscus (edible)
Poppies (several kinds) (seeds edible)
Creeping thyme (edible)
Sedums (many kinds) Orphine (edible)
Oregano (edible)
Marjaram (edible)
Lychnis (white and pink)
Lambs Ears
Daylillies (hundereds of varieties) (flowers, roots and shoots are edible)
Bearded and other iris (hundreds of varieities) (some edible)
Hosta (several varieties)
Solomons Seal (edible)
Ferns (several types) (some fiddleheads edible)
Filipendula (edible flowers)
Spiderwort (edible flowers)
Baby’s breath
Lilies (several types)
Balloon Flowers
Blue  Globe Thistles
Ornamental Grasses (several different varieties)
Dames Rocket (edible all parts)
Creeping Phlox
Tall Phlox
Carnations (edible)
Forget me not
Johnney Jump Up (edible)
Violets (many colors) (edible)
Clematis (several varieties) (some edible)
Woodbine vine (regular and variegated)
Honeysuckle vine
Bittersweet Vine
Wild Fox Grapes (edible)
Wisteria (flowers edible)
Trumpet flower vine

Jerusalem Artichokes (tubers edible)
Multiplier Onions (roots and tops edible)
Asparagus (several varieities) (edible cooked or raw) agepodium, goutweed (edible potherb)
Rhubarb (stalks only edible)
Horseradish (shoots and roots edible, flowers edible)
Fennel (edible)
Tarragon (edible)
Caraway (edible)
Dill (fernleaf) (edible tops and seeds)
Mints (edible)
Summer Savory (edible)
Garlic Chives (edible )
Common chives (edible)
Anise (edible)
Lemon Balm (edible)

Annual Vegetables Grown this year:
Summer Squash
Hot Peppers
Sweet corn
Winter Squash
Snap peas
Cabbages (several varieties)
Swiss Chard
Kohlrabi (purple and white)
Pak Choi

Wildflowers such as:
Thistle (edible and rennet)
Queen Annes Lace (edible)
Goldenrod (tea)
Oxeye Daisy (tea)
Black eyed susan
Plantain  (edible)
Dandilion (edible)

Wild food plants such as:
Fungi (several varieties including inky caps and morels) catnip (edible raw and dried)

Adding some more plants to my list...plants that I have ordered to come this year (2011) to try growing:
red azalea
Purple Juneberries (3) edible berries
Arctic beauty Kiwi one male one female (edible berries)
Issai Hardy Kiwi (edible berries)
Honeyberries one Blue Velvet one Blue Moon  (edible berries)
Paw Paw 2 new baby trees (edible fruit)
Pixwell Gooseberries (also dug some from woods) (edible berries)
Hansen shrub cherries (2) edible berries
New pond plants I've got coming:
Hardy Lotus (edible roots and seeds)
Wild Rice edible seeds
Joshua Plant
Baby  Tears
Water Wisteria
Green Hygrophilia
Jungle Vallisneria
Water sprite
water lettuce
water hyacinth
water pennywort
floating heart
(some might need to be overwintered?)

Other plants on the property that are growing here:

Agastache (edible)
Ajuga (edible)
Alchemelia, Lady's Mantle (edible)
Alfalfa (edible)
Bee Balm, Monarda (edible)
Birch (edible young leaves, shoots and sap)
burdock (edible)
Caltha (marsh marigold) (edible)
Campanula (bellflowers) edible
cammomiles (edible)
Catalpa (flowers and young pods edible)
Cattail (all parts edible)
Chicory (edible)
Crocus (edible)
Curled dock (edible)
Dames Rocket (edible)
Dandelion (edible)
Daisy (oxeye) edible
Fungii (wild mushrooms edible)
Garlic Mustard (edible)
Goatsbeard (trogapogan) edible
Goldenrod (edible)
Gooseneck Loosestrife (edible)
Grape Hyacinth (edible)
Ground Cherry (edible)
Heliotrope (edible)
Henbit (edible)
Honesty (lunaria) edible
Jack in the Pulpit (edible)
Japanese Knotweed (edible)
Jewelweed (edible)
Knapweed (edible)
Lamium (edible)
Lathryus (edible)
Mayapple (edible)
Milkweed (edible)
Motherwort (edible)
Mullien (edible)
Cress (edible)
Pulmonaria (edible)
Quince (edible)
Ramps (edible)
Ratibida (edible)
rush (edible)
Russian Sage (edible)
Sheep Sorrel (edible)
Shepherd's Purse (edible)
Spiderwort Tradescantia (edible)
Star of Bethlehem (edible)
Sumac (edible)
Thistle (edible)
Trillium (edible)
Tiger lily (and other lilies) Edible
Vetch (some edible)
Weeping Willow (shoots edible)
Wormwood (artemesia) edible
Yarrow (edible)
Yew (edible)

My new orders for plants for 2012 (mostly OP or heirlooms)
updated  2/1/2012

All American Paw Paw (also several paw paw seeds from internet)
Ameranth Grain D'Or (for greens and for protein grains)
American Persimmons (also several seeds coming from a inernet)
Aronia viking (edible berries)
Asparagus Pea (edible pods, vines leaves and tendrils)
Australian Butter Winter Squash (edible flesh and seeds and vines and leaves)
Bearberry/Kinnikinick (edible berries and leaves)
Black Magic Zucchini (edible fruit, vines leaves and tendrils)
Bonus-Henricus Good King Henry Chenopodium (a perennial relative of lambsquarters, edible as potherb)
Breda giant Medlar (edible fruits)
Broccolini Di Rapa-Novantina (edible in salads or potherb)
Brussel Sprout Long Island Improved (dwarf: edible mini heads and leaves)
Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry (edible sweet/sour cherries)
Cereal Rye (edible seeds..high protein)
Claytonia Miner's Lettuce (edible in salad and potherb)
Collards Morris Heading (edible in salad and potherb)
Delicata Winter Squash (edible fruit, seeds, shoots)
Dinosaur Kale (edible baby in salads and potherb)
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash (edible fruits, seeds, shoots)
Early White Vienna Turnip (edible roots and greens)
Edible flowers and herb mix
Elderberry (edible fruits, flowers)
Forono Beet (edible roots and greens)
French Tarragon (edible in salads or flavoring)
Garlic Chives (edible bulbs, leaves and flowers)
Goji Berry (edible fruits)
Golden Acre Cabbage (edible heads)
Golden Ball turnip (edible roots and greens)
Greek Oregano (edible in salads and flavoring)
Hales Best Melon (edible fruit, seeds and shoots)
Hard Red Winter Wheat (edible seeds..high protein)
Hawthorn (edible fruit and leaves)
Harlayne Apricot (edible fruits and pits, baby leaves)
Heirloom Rainbow blend tomato plants (edible fruits)
Heirloom Pear Tomato Mix plants (edible fruits)
Hot pepper plant mix (edible fruits)
Hulless Barley (edible seeds...high protein)
Hulless Oats (edible seeds..high protein)
Kyoto Mizuna (edible greens)
Lettuce Mix Pinetree  (edible greens)
Licorice American (edible leaves)
Linden (edible leaves)
Mache, corn salad (edible leaves)
Malabar spinach (edible shoots and leaves)
Maximillian sunflower (edible roots, shoots, seeds)
Mesclun Mix Tangy (edible greens)
Mesclun Mix Mild (edible greens)
Microgreens spicey Italian Mix (edible greens)
Microgreens healthy blend mix (edible greens)
Microgreens Pinetree's kitchen sink mix (edible greens)
Microgreens spicey asian mix (edible greens)
Millers NO BOG North American Cranberry (edible fruits)
New Zealand Spinach (edible greens)
Orach (edible greens)
Parsnip  All American (edible roots)
Podding Radish (edible pods)
Purple Viking potato (edible roots)
Rainbow Chard (edible greens)
Rattlesnake Beans (edible pods, seeds, shoots)

Red Candy apple onion plants (edible root and leaves)
Salsify (edible roots )
Saltwort (edible potherb)
Sea Buckthorn (edible berries)
Seakale, Crambe (edible shoots, flowers)
Soy, Envy (edible beans..high protein)
Straight 8 Cucumbers (edible fruit, shoots)
Strawberry spinach (edible fruit, shoots, leaves)
Stinging Nettle (edible greens, potherb)
Sugar Baby Watermelon (edible fruit, shoots, seeds)
Sugar Pie Pumpkin (edible fruit, shoots, seeds)
Sugar Snap Peas (edible pods, seeds and shoots)
Sunflower Mix (edible seeds..high protein, sprouts, shoots)
Squash Vegetable Spaghetti (edible fruit, seeds, shoots ..low carb spaghetti substitute)
Sweet Corn OP Festivity (edible seeds..high protein)
Sweet Scarlet Goumi (edible fruits)
Tall Phlox Mix (edible flowers)
Tyee Spinach (edible greens)
White Horehound (edible greens)
Wild rocket (edible greens)
Yellow Crookneck Squash (edible fruit, shoots, seeds)