Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby food forest garden, approx 40 x 60. Started in 2009.
This garden containes 3 dwarf apple trees, 3 dwarf pear trees,
2 dwarf cherry trees, 6 dwarf hazelnut trees, 3 baby mulberry,
1 baby mountain ash, 2 baby service berry, 1 baby paw paw,
lots of raspberry and blackberry and blueberry plants as
well as a half dozen grapevines, and most of my annual vegetables.
Also there are perennial vegetables like rhubarb, asparagus and
horseradish, and a lot of herbs.
This baby garden will eventually grow up to a full fledged food forest.
The baby food forest garden and in the distance the woods
that I a buildinig the trails through, to the right is the pond.
More about the pond later.

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