Thursday, January 26, 2012


We have a stray or dumped off Ocicat living in my son's garage, we thought it was a neighbor's cat until it lost a lot of weight..and was starving. We started feeding him and need to find him a home.

Here are some photos of him..from yesterday.
Here we were feeding him
for the first time, we thought he belonged to a neighbor but when he lost several pounds
we realized he was either dropped off or was a stray.

He is adorable, loving, sweet and friendly. We probably can't keep him here as
we both have cats, Joel is trying to get his cat to accept him but so far????

If anyone would like him, please contact me by email at

Ocicats were bread to look like Ocelots..they have beautiful markings and beautiful personalities

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid January

Well i did get 2 plant orders sent in and have 5 waiting for the $. I am making a few changes on the orders, dropping a few things that when I read about I realized I didn't want to get, and changing to a few other things that I saw and wanted..will change the list later as I am sure what I'm going to get. As I am buying mostly perennials, O P and heirlooms, or self seeding and possibly overwintering plants, I should have my permanent plantings nearly all finished and have regenerating gardens going soon.

We basically did not have any real snow on the ground that stayed in November or December, but January 1 and 2 we got about 10 inches or more and it wasn't quite melted yet when we got more, and now we are getting a little more again, but at this moment mid January  we only have about 6" deep on the level.

This morning we had a system move in with freezing rain and sleet and now , nearly 11 am, it has turned into snow and they are saying 3 to 6 " for today and more snow every day for the next week. Ron had to call and cancel a dr appt cause the roads were ice. This is more like a Michigan winter.

We haven't even burned half of our firewood that we put up, cool.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting ready to order plants for spring 2011

Here is a list of the plants that I'm planning to order for spring 2011

My new orders for plants for 2012 (mostly OP or heirlooms)

All American Paw Paw
Ameranth Grain D'Or
American Persimmons
Aronia viking
Asparagus Pea
Australian Butter Winter Squash
Black Magic Zucchini
Bonus-Henricus Good King Henry Chenopodium
Breda giant Medlar
Broccolini Di Rapa-Novantina
Broccoli Nutribud
Brussel Sprout Long Island Improved
Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry
Claytonia Miner's Lettuce
Collards Morris Heading
Delicata Winter Squash
Dinosaur Kale
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash
Early White Vienna Turnip
Edible flowers and herb mix
Forono Beet
French Tarragon
Garlic Chives
Goji Berry
Golden Acre Cabbage
Golden Ball
Greek Oregano
Hales Best Melon
Harlayne Apricot
Heirloom Rainbow blend tomato plants
Heirloom Pear Tomato Mix plants
Hot pepper plant mix
Kyoto Mizuna
Lettuce Mix Pinetree
Licorice American
Malabar spinach
Maximillian sunflower
Mesclun Mix Tangy
Mesclun Mix Mild
Microgreens spicey Italian Mix
Microgreens healthy blend mix
Microgreens Pinetree's kitchen sink mix
Microgreens spicey asian mix
Millers NO BOG North American Cranberry
New Zealand Spinach
Parsnip  All American
Purple Viking potato
Rainbow Chard
Rattlesnake Beans
Red Candy apple onion plants
Sea Buckthorn
Straight 8 Cucumbers
Strawberry spinach
Sugar Baby Watermelon
Sugar Pie Pumpkin
Sugar Snap Peas
Sunflower Mix
Sweet Scarlet Goumi
Tall Phlox Mix
Tyee Spinach
White Horehound
Wild rocket
Yellow Crookneck Squash