Friday, September 3, 2010


Well it began to rain this week and has been raining off and on ever since. We have a plan to rent a backhoe tomorrow morning for the long Labor Day weekend (2010) so that we can deepen our pond and possibly enlarge is in a C shape right now, the top right hand of the C has a deep area that is still holding water and near the bottom left hand side of the C is another area that is holding water. These two areas are deeper than the rest of the pond, which has mostly gone dry from the drought we have been having. So the goal is to dig most or all of the pond deep enough to where it will hold water through the worst droughts. Joel took the brushhog into the pond and mowed down a lot of the cattail plants, and backbladed part of the pond to make it safer to drive the backhoe in there, but with all the rain it has gone mushy and slimy from the clay bottom.

I will take a lot of photographs this weekend and post them and the progress of the pond later on.

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