Tuesday, June 4, 2013

honeysuckle time

Well here in Michigan it is honeysuckle time, as well as Russian Olive time and Spirea time, the Lilacs are all over and the June flowers are just beginning..but OHHHHHHHHHHH it has sure been smelling nice around here lately..all the flowers. We still have the funny lighter green on some trees, and the new growth is coming out on the pines so it is soft and pretty as well as beautifully smelly.

Oh for "smellivision"..
(front yard)

birds keep planting more and more surprises, this is a new baby honeysuckle that showed up a couple years ago in my front yard (never know if they'll be white, yellow, pink or fuchsia when birds plant them.
This little Russian Olive was also planted by a bird by our garage..smells so good to walk out to the car.

the Lupines above are being seeded all over too, as they are Nitrogen Fixers (as are the Russian olive and the Baptisia as well) ..they feed my gardens..they may look sloppy but they are happy and healthy even with all the weeds (which I haven't been able to get control of..just too much for one person to do).

More honeysuckle and olive in the Back yard under a large old apple tree.
a couple more honeysuckles..in the back yard..below hiding behind baby cotinus leaves..
Spireas and Barberries under a baby cherry tree..and another Russian Olive....they are everywhere.

Everything has that special softness this time of year, like the new growth on the white pine above, against a canadian hemlock..loverly...

A side shot of the house with my Hugelkultur bed in the foreground, can't tell but it does have lots of things growing on it..also there are baby whips of Peach trees one on each end of it. The trees along the deck are dwarf pears and there are two more babies around the front corner.

a little end of our pond, and more olives..yes, and willows and barberries of course..

and to end this post PURRRfectly, a shot of my favorite little girl, Greystoke..more fluffy stuff..