Monday, March 23, 2015

my new present

Some of you  have read my blog for a while and you may remember that I was asked to demo a 40 volt Oregon Chainsaw a couple of years ago. I was given the saw and supplies for a couple of weeks and demo'd it and reported back to Oregon, then they made me an offer on the saw (too much money)..and I never bought it, but wanted to.

You can look back on my blog to a couple years ago and see my posts about it.

Well this week my son bought me (us) a brand new 40 volt Oregon Chainsaw, 14", eversharp...woo hoo..brings back memories.

I love it..went out that week and cut up some firewood as we were nearly out..and Ron actually cut some up a couple times as well..good for him..he doesn't do much so this is incentive..

Yes we have several gas saws and one even has powersharp (which I love) but the gas saws are difficult for me to use with my neuropathy in my hands. The 40 V cuts just like an other 14" saw and makes a lot of cuts (with heavy duty battery) as any other 14" saw..and I love that it is not noisy, it has powersharp so you just pull a lever and sharpen it, we have 2 batteries so we can keep going a long time..and it is fairly  light and easy to carry and care for.

We were almost completely out of firewood and did use gas saw 2 weeks ago to cut a tree down and up over at Joels..that is when he decided to get the 40  V.

and I am so glad he did..

Basically this was for me..but we'll all use it.

supposed to be in 40's Tu  and We so I'll be out cutting up a few more trees to get us thru the end of the heating season (was 8 degrees yesterday morning, we still need heat here).

Thursday, March 5, 2015

warm up coming

Good news, there is a warm up coming this weekend and next week. They say on St Patricks Day we should reach 50 degrees out. Right now it's cold, last night we had -18.

I haven't begun to start any seeds inside yet but have been doing a lot of planning for the spring projects, way  too many this year.

Ron had 3 surgeries over winter and Joel thought he had to have knee surgeries but dr said it will be ME again doing everything...used to that.

We have 1 1/2 cord of firewood left so may  have to cut down a dead tree at Joels to make it thru the heating season. We had 19 cord (ordered 30 but our wood guy got ill).

All of my seeds are heree waiting on planting but I have some trees, shrubs and vines yet to come. I also ordered an omega grafting tool this year so I can have better luck grafting trees, so far my luck has been pitiful.

Hoping our -24 and -27 overnight temps all Feb didn't kill all of our trees buds this year..we lost a lot of tree buds last year..and had very little fruit on them. Learning that I have to protect things better. No longer zone 5 here but more likely zone 4..and a lot of our trees are only hardy to zone 5 as that is what all the maps say we are..not.

I'm searching this spring for microclimates for planting my  more tender plants and also planning on buildng protection around some of the more tender ones like the paw paw babies and kiwi babies (also read I need to protect kiwi from cats). No wonder all my previous kiwi trials didn't make it.

Already getting some cuttings rooted off of the plants I have growing on the windowsill and in the bathroom (from prunings)..going to try to do a lot more cuttings this year. Last year I put a lot of cuttings just in the ground but not very many took (I try to do a few every year just to try them).

Our 44th year on this land this year..and 13 years since our housefire/build/move stuff year. Things are back to taking shape again but still so many baby  stick-farm things to put in again.

Hope to meet some more of the people that read this blog this year..