Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well I became inspired by all the talk of trails today, so when the rain let up for a while this afternoon I went back into the woods and cut another trail through the woods..this one goes from the trail East of the barn, North for 30 or 40 feet and then turns back to the west around and under a self seeded apple tree (seeded from an apple bait pile for deer hunting 30 plus years ago). The trail then continues on to the West and joins up with the trail our neighbors have just their side of our property line on the West.

I've been wanting to reach this apple tree with a trail for a long time, as there was no access for us to get to the apples, or for the deer to get to them for that matter. Now i can clean up under the apple tree, prune out some of the dead wood and make it accessible, a great feeling of accomplishment.

I also discovered a LOT of larger maple trees and ash trees back in this area of the woods, so it is now changing over from aspens to hardwoods, one of our goals was to have hardwoods so this is good news for us.

An online friend sent me some catalpa seeds, so i hope to plant some catalpas back in some of the open area of this woods, as well as several other fruit, nut and hardwoods as I am able, esp now that I have more access to the woods and open clearing areas. Our main goal is to have a food forest with lots of fruit and nut trees and berry bushes and grape vines all over this area.

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