Friday, February 27, 2015

I have been having a problem getting into my blog for months now...finally got it reset and hope to be able to continue to come on.

I'm ready for spring. We have been having -24 to -27.8 for our overnights quite often for the month of February, may be a record cold month for us.

I have all my garden seeds and some of my plants on my windowsill. I have 4 female kiwi and 3 male kiwi growing and one female has a bud on it. I have a clematis that is about to open a flower, a grapevine "Suffolk" seedless (5 more coming), 2 goji, a hydrangea..and I think that is about all growing on the windowsill so far..

I haven't started any seeds inside yet. Just too far until we can plant out. Our area has been on the edge of zone 5 for a long time but with our temps this year we are officially zone zone 4 is lows of 20 to 30 below..and we have had a LOT of 20 below and beyond this year.

I realize now that a lot of my plants will have to be planted with protection if I want them to survive next year.

Well I'm going to post this and resave my info on my bookmarks and hopefully be able to add some pictures and more info soon. It is good to be back on here..bre