Thursday, March 17, 2011

Placed my "berry" orders today

Green for st patty's day:

I place my "berry" orders today, hope they all arrive (put on there no substitutes and no credits so I can hope they obey) and hope they all grow as this will pretty much  round out the plantings for berries in my forest garden.

I ordered 3 each of 5 kinds of raspberries to add to my raspberry patch, 3 fall gold, 3 fall red, 3 heritage (which are all 3 everbearers) 3 amber and 3 black hawk which are summer bearers.

I ordered 2 black satin thornless blackberries to add to the primocane Jan's that I put in last year, these are runnerless and have to be tip layered for propagation so that is great.

I ordered 2 Purple Juneberries to go with my 2 Serviceberries I put in last year.

I ordered 2 more paw paw to add to the babies that are growing now.

I ordered 2 Hansen bush Cherries to add to the other cherries we have (2 sweet, 2 sour, 1 ornamental and several wild)

I ordered 3 kiwi's to try here, a male and a female Arctic Kiwi Hardy and an Issai that is said to be self fertile but will also fertilize the female Arctic..they will go together over a sturdy arbor with some grapes and climbing roses in the forest garden

I ordered 2 golden Clematis Tangutica which I had before but they died when I attempted to move I missed them and want them back.

a Blue fountain Agastache agastache

12 creeping phlox as a ground cover under my walnuts trees.

40 liatris, just cause i like them so much, they do good here and they were SOOOOOOO cheap.

One blue Velvet and one blue Moon Honeyberry bushes, as they are supposed to be seedless and a lot like blueberries and my husband can't have the seeds, they bother we'll try  these.

That about rounds out the orders for SO FAR this year..can only do so much with limited funds but do still want to buy some seeds and some plants for the pond, found a place i can order wild rice plants..which I want to get started as well as some others for my ponds..of course.

still a lot of ice on the ponds, the ground is still solidly frozen and we still have a lot of  snow..even though it got to 58 yesterday and remained 42 overnight..chillier today and colder again next week.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a few of our deer

I snapped a couple of pictures of the deer in our front yard, there were 7, 4 does and 3 yearlings but not all are visible in the photos:
Through the window and screen so not really clear but there are a few of them..
first and last  photos are from the living room window the center one is from the gym room window..there is a hook with two tube feeders there with sunflower seeds..  also had a turkey here this morning at our rear feeders.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

ice storm 1/4 " with snow on top..pretty (also afgan I just finished)

Just finished making this afgan this past week, nice and cozy. Used up some leftover yarns that I had for a previous afgan.
I really like the way it turned out.

We had an ice storm on Friday with 1/4 " of ice coating everything and then it turned to snow, with 6" of snow on top of the ice which made the snow stick on everything like a coat of are some photos of my front yard.

SW from front door
south from front door
East from front door, note rose hips are still hanging on on March 5, 2011