Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn is in the air

Well we have had two nights at 37 degrees and yesterday's high was 54 with rain most of the day, so it feels like fall. However, there is a forcast for warming up early next week, so here is hope to get a few more things done. The woodshed is getting full. I have the dock framed in on the North end of the pond and I have two posts of the four set for the arbor at the North end of the dock on the bank. I hope that it will warm up enough and dry off enough to be walking on that clay bank and pond bottom today, so I can get some more of the dock and arbor done. Last 6 cord of firewood delivery is due here today. Still have to repair our Greenwood Hydronic Wood furnace, as the door ceramic is loose, and the company went bankrupt so they aren't honoring our warranty. Leaves are just now beginning to turn on the trees but no frost as of yet. The greenhouse is now producing salads and greens for my fall garden and the main garden is still producing for now. Autumn is still about a week away and we have had a very warm, very dry Summer season.


  1. Hi Brenda! it's me wyld thang, happy wood stacking!!!

  2. Welcome Wyld Thang, only 2 cord yet to do tomorrow