Saturday, May 12, 2012

winding down on the chainsaw trial..end of week 2

OK, well it is time to wind down the chainsaw trial..end of week 2. I have probably cut around 10 face cord of fire and other wood, trees, etc..still have a LOT of it to haul. The pole pile still has the largest logs and some smaller ones that are buried left, and my nephew Nick came over and got the gas saw (that has the powersharp bar/chain attachment) and cut up a few of the larger logs for me today. The Oregon Powernow saw was very effective on logs up to about 13 inches, but larger it just bogged down too much to try to attempt to cut them on a regular basis.
We set aside the larger logs and I cut up as many of the logs 13" and under that I could handle. I'll admit my hands are aching and I'm very very very tired of cutting. But the saw performed perfectly and I do highly recommend it. It was very easy to use for a person like me with disabilities and old and unsteady, but I'm getting ready to return it to Oregon with a huge thankyou.

I still have a large number of very small diameter ash trees that are infected, and I hope to cut those down and cut the trunks up for firewood tomorrow, and then I'll be cleaning the saw up and preparing to return it. Would I love to keep it, absolutely, if I could afford to buy it I would.  I believe that it would be the perfect saw for a small homestead as long as your cutting isn't much over 13" that has to be done it will handle what you need to do.

Now that the furnace that we are getting requires smaller logs, it really would likely be the main saw that would get used around here if it did belong to us, as with my husbands disabilities and my son's "too busy".. most of the cutting would fall to me, and I would choose it over the other saws that we own, the powersharp is the main feature that sold the saw to me besides being battery run.

The ease of use and maintainence is super user friendly..If you are looking for a saw please consider this saw for your homestead.

If interested please contact: Luke Weintz at
Tell him that you heard about it from Brenda Groth, thanks.

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