Monday, May 7, 2012

photo progress of woodpile after 1 week with saw

Well after one week of using the saw on the woodpile, or thereabouts, here is the progress from Saturday to Saturday...
the first photo is  taken on day 2 of using the saw and the next one is of the progress in one week (one day I didn't go out).
also this tree behind the pile with the two trunks has to come 2
This is a pile of wood that I cut up from the piles above and have stacked near our woodshed (can't put wood in yet as we are still waiting on our new furnace to be put in the shed, scheduled now to start May 15).

I'm pretty pleased with all that I 've gotten done in a little over a week with the saw (2 days I didn't use it). These photos do NOT include any of the other pole wood I cut up or the trees that I cut down and cut up, this is just from the woodpile shown in photo 1.

Today the plan is to take some more trees down at the edge of the woods early in the day (sun is ocming out now) and then after that I hope to go back over to the pile of pole logs and cut up some more. Pretty soon I'll have to stop on that pile though as a lot of those logs are too large for the 14" bar on the saw,  so we'll have to use a larger saw for the larger logs...later.

Here is the area where I plan to go out and  work on in a few can see a short stump where a top broke off and the 3rd tree front from the left is also broken off at the top (you can likely see  it at the very top of the photo) that one has to come down and the top is lying on the ground and has to be cut up. Also to the right center of the photo below you can see 2 dark brown trees, those are dead and I'm going to take them down as well as a few others in the woods, today.

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  1. Looks like awesome progress! I've enjoyed reading through your blog Brenda :) Lots to think about as we're getting ready to move to our own land!