Wednesday, May 2, 2012

chainsaw trial day 5, exhausted !!

Day 5 has left me totally exhausted. I started out this morning clearing trails in the woods. Decided to get the zero turn mower out there and mow those trails, big mistake. I got it stuck in the mud and had to do a lot of pulling, falling down and finally Ron came out and helped me ..he drove and I pushed it out of the fun fun.

After lunch I went over to the pile of poles and went through 2 batteries on the saw cutting through poles, partway through Joel got out the tractor and he and I moved some of the BIG wood from the ash tree pile. I also moved a bunch of branches from that mess and piled 3 smaller piles of cut up pieces I had cut yesterday.

After I went through those 2 batteries I came back in and put them on the charger, took a break and heated up some mini frozen pizzas cause I was too tired to do anything else.

Then I went out and weeded and planted seeds in the garden, as they say we are going to get 3 days of rain, good time to put seeds in.

Ron is using the tractor to haul the wood that I cut up over to the woodshed area (can't put it inside the woodshed as our new furnace hasn't been installed yet.)

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