Friday, May 25, 2012

crazy Jerusalem Artichokes

Well I dearly love my Jerusalem artichokes but I'll never again plant them in a small garden space. I have just spent the last 3 or 4 weeks digging them out of 5 beds in my food forest garden..and now I have to wait for all the tiny little baby sprouts, to sprout, before I can rebuild the beds.

I have moved the Jerusalem Artichokes now to a long hedgerow in the field along a ditch, also along our property line for about 250 feet and then a curvey hedgerow in the woods ..we'll see how they like that..I also have a hedgerow north of our food forest garden and hope it doesn't decide to move back in..via that route.

I started out with 3 tubers a few years back ..and have given away or moved the past two years approx 20 or 30 wheelborrow loads..from those 3 tubers.

Dont' get me wrong they are yummy and they are beautiful, but they are prolific.

I am basically digging everything out of those 5 beds except a few dwarf fruit trees..and burying aspen and alder wood in the beds to form mini hugel beds...and then replanting them with food forest gardens, again.

All the trees but a couple will be moved out of the I rebuild, and then I hope to put in a couple peach trees to replace the moved ones..and start those beds over.

the comfrey and all the perennials were pretty much bogged down by Jerusalem Artichokes so they also got moved or are getting moved and so to make surey it is JA free..I'll wait a few weeks and then dig out the soil down about 2 or 3' deep, pile in the wood and compost and then replace the soil and replant..oh fun.

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  1. Okay, I had been thinking about planting Jerusalem Artichokes in our garden, but our garden is rather small (about 100 m2), so now you convinced me to rather not plant them there. XD I'll try growing them in a big pot, but certainly won't let them into the soil. ^^"