Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well I've gotten a lot done in the past few weeks, busy busy busy. Lots of tree and plant orders have come and been planted and cleaning up a lot of winter storm messes. Sent Jerusalem Artichokes and Black Raspberry roots out to SIL and online friends. Planted a lot of the garden seeds, mostly those "as soon as can be worked" seeds. Put a pump/filter and waterfall in the pond, waterfall on the island, and have put rocks around it and transplanted plants from other gardens around it. Put 3 telephone pole sections here and there on raised blocks to make benches around the pond. And this week I started dividing plants to put in the woods, so far I have moved several hostas, bleeding hearts, violets, bluebells, foxgloves, lady's mantle, hollyhock, fern, solomon's seal, vinca, and others. Yesterday and today I was hoping to move some more plants, but yesterday rain came (although I did get tomatoes planted in the greenhouse) and today I'm waiting on the tree guy.

We have had a HUGE ash tree die in our front yard from Emerald Ash borer (took photos but will place before and after photos later). A crane is supposed to come today to take it down and cut it up for firewood. I plan to use the stump and a couple of logs for propagating Shiitake mushrooms on, waiting to be sure the tree people come before I order the mushroom plugs..just in case they don't come.

(tree people, sounds like a movie)

Weather has turned back cold here again, roller coaster spring for sure, most of my fruit tree buds have frozen, so fruit crops are very unlikely here this year.

Not much to post photos of right now so I'll start taking more during the tree destruction and after and get them posted on here, but for photos

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  1. It sounds like you have been very busy and got a lot of work done. I know it is a never ending job, building a homestead. There is always something else to be done! I am looking forward to your photos.