Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 4 of chainsaw trial. Well this was an odd day as it started out rainy, which with a battery operated saw, that isn't too good.

Well later this afternoon I did some pruning around the house and the pond and woods edges, and I cleared a trail that had been completely closed off with fallen and half down trees and branches.

While doing that I ran across a whole lot of old barbed wire and uncovered an old barbed wire fence, so I came back to the house for wire cutters and managed to cut down and roll up a couple hundred feet of old rusty barbed wire and get it in the dumpster before tomorrow's pick up. (then put our garbage out).

After a bit of a rest I went back outside and began working on the ash tree that we had cut down last week. They really did a lousy job on cutting up the firewood, honestly, would you believe that half of the cuts they made to cut up the firewood were only half way through the wood !!! sheesh.... anyway I got through one battery and it was getting dark so time to come in. Was very pleased with what I got done. Tomorrow is to be a warm and dry day so I'll be back out working on the firewood tomorrow.

Someone suggested that with the huge snag in the back that we throw a rope with a hook around it and pull it down with the tractor, talked it over with Ron and guess that is probably what we'll do..good idea.

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