Friday, March 30, 2012

ordering the last of my spring plants

Well knowing that I need more proteins, I just ordered two Heartnut trees, they are a form of walnut that is supposed to be sweeter, hardier, easier to grow and shell and nutritious. I also decided to order a Windsor cherry as a pollinator for my 2 Bings, and am writing for a replacement on my Sugar Pearls Apricot, which appears to have died..wahhh..but it has a lifetime guarantee.

Just heard from a member of Permaculture forum who is sending me some perennial grain rye seeds, so I am going to plant the new bed I've been working on just south of the woods and north of the pond to the perennial rye rather than the other plants that were going to go there..the bed should be ready when the seeds arrive and it should be a good time to plant them...or possibly fall..I'll have to do some research on that.

Today I have blossoms open on some prunus trees, and we are expecting snowstorms..oh is so green and flowery, so early, I hate to think of what we'll lose this spring.

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