Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 2 of chainsaw trial (Oregon PowerNow)

Well yesterday was day 2 of the trial of the Oregon PowerNow 40 V chainsaw..and I was pretty busy. After the frost melted off, although no sun and some wind and cold, I went out and started cutting pole logs that were waiting to be cut for firewood. Cut and stacked about 10 of those, they were fairly large logs, and then I recharged the battery and broke for lunch.

After lunch I went way back into our woods (about 300 feet from the house) to where I had a trail up to a self seeded apple tree in the woods (which is in bloom) and a year and a half ago a very very large tree had fallen across my trail and I hadn't been able to move it or cut it up so there it lay, blocking my trail and my access to the apple tree.

Well I hit the powersharp and sharpened the chain, and then began to cut up the big old tree. After several cuts, where the saw did bind in between the logs a couple times, the chain quit going around so I had to walk back up to the house and take it apart. This also happened once on day one with the pole lumber, which was also large. Well it took quite a while to figure out what the problem was, there was debris in the NOSE of the bar of the saw, that was preventing the chain from engaging, so that cleaned out and the saw was ready to use. In the meantime mail had arrived with trees for me to plant and I had some other perennials so I planted those and piled some of the wood cuts and branches North of the pond in the woods edge. Around 5 PM I went out to resume cutting on that huge tree back by the apple tree, and the saw cut like a charm.

I managed to get that huge tree cut up enough to clear the trail. Then I worked on picking up other downed trees and branches for a while gaining better access to the trail and removing hazards to the mower which I use to keep my trails clear (zero turn timecutter).

Then I proceeded to cut down some cherry and aspen trees that were either dying or were damaging the apple tree, and cut them up into firewood lengths and moved the brush. Then I cut down a few more dying or dead trees and removed them from the clearing under the apple. Heading back to the house as it was getting cold and nearly dark I pruned  some overhanging branches off above my trail, cut down two more dead trees and cut up part of a windfall that was laying across the top of some baby wild cherries, and then the battery went dead so I went back to the house to clean the saw and rest. Boy was I tired, a bit ashamed to admit this but I was in bed by 8:30 and slept until nearly 7 am !!! OK that was quite a two day work out for a 60 year old lady.

Didn't take any photos yesterday but hope to get some snapped today while I'm out there..will update later.

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