Friday, March 16, 2012

link to Kat's recipes, and update

Got a couple interesting recipes from Kat today so here is the link

Also learned that you can plant the stub off the bottom of your celery from the store, so I had 2 and I took a chance and planted one outside yesterday (may have to pop a milk carton over it as it is still Winter here in Michigan although it has been 80 degrees plus the last 2 days).

Because of the outrageously warm weather and the fact that the snow is mostly melted, I also planted some "as soon as the soil can be worked" seeds yesterday: Kale, Spinach, 2 kinds of Mesclun, stinging nettles, Golden Acre Cabbage, Hawthorn, Bearberry and Paw Paw seeds, Garlic Chives, Swiss chard, collards, sugar snap peas, rattail podding radish and good king least I have a start now.

Busy with other busy busy work that has to be done, like pruning grape vines and cleaning up stuff ..a lot of blown down trees and branches await. Also a lot of sitting on the deck and also on the swing by the pond watching the goldfish and turtles..has to be done when it is in the 80's and you are wearing shorts and a tank WINTER. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago tomorrow.

that tree lying down was a 35 foot tall black spruce..

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