Friday, March 16, 2012

giving budding a try

Well with the 3 damaged pear trees (from rabbits) and one apple tree I decided to go ahead and try to do the bud grafting I had been reading about but had yet to try.

I cut off the tops of the trees that were chewed up by rabbits, took 12 bud grafts off and put them onto 3 pear trees that are growing well (2 ayers and 1 5 on 1 pear tree)..not sure if they'll survive but I'm giving them a fighting chance.

There was some decent wood left on two of the trees so I took cuttings from those and the apple and planted the cuttings, so maybe I'll save those too, better then tossing them on the brush pile.

Having these problems in the garden this spring got me to rethinking some of the garden planning I went out and dug up 2 of my grapevines and one climbing rose ..that I had planned on building an arbor for. I decided that financially we aren't ready to build that arbor, and I have several other the 2 grapevines (reliance and interlaken) are now planted by another arbor that was already there (along with some kiwi and clematis ..that are not sure they want to live)..this means now that I don't have to build that arbor, which should save me some bucks..

I was hoping to move the wooden swing to the new arbor, but it is ok where it is now..plans change.

Have some other things I'd like to dig and move around also.

I had some good luck with black currant cuttings last I went and attacked one of my overgrown black currants and got a lot of cuttings off of it and put them out..some along rear of our garden and some extras here and there in the woods.

Noticed that the goosberries we dug up in the woods are still that is a bonus...cause I thought they were probably going to die.

Sure enjoyed the 3rd day of 80's in long can it last?

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