Sunday, June 24, 2012

may have hit a spring..

When we were building the road to the big tree (post below this one)..Joel ran South off the trail trying to find a way around a wet area. The area appeared to be higher ground, but when he drove over it with the tractor he sunk, deep, into wet black goo. Well he is pretty savvy with the tractor so he was able to back himself out of the hole using the bucket, but it did leave a scar on the landscape of black goo mess.

Well yesterday he went back (2 days later) to that area and it was all flooded full of water where he had been, he must have hit a spring there as we didn't get rain and it wasn't just ground water, more than that.

There were cedars in that area indicating wet, but he sure didn't expect it to fill up and overflow with water, so we are thinking that might be a good place for a little pond (may already form a little pond there?) so it has us thinking more about how to use that area to increase wildlife access to water, also considering putting in a few blueberry and cranberry plants in the area as it is the right kind of conditions. This is already near a road that we built, and near our property line just inside our property.

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