Sunday, May 22, 2011

some walk around photos from May 22 2011

Here are some photos I took today while walking around the property:
Apple blossoms this time of year.
looking North toward the newly enclosed garden area.
she wasn't too thrilled as I was too close to her nesting site..not my fault I like to sit by the pond.

two of my old fashioned favorites forget me not and blue violets
yes the two new hardy water lotus I bought this spring ARE alive, here is a leaf on one, the other has two leafs..I'm so of my pond plant order still has not arrived (the other end of pond has 10 water lilies also doing well but they have been there a long time)
can't see them very well but there are flowers on the little apple tree too, just not as many as the other trees.
one of the fountains in our jungle..

John and Jessica's apple tree next door, birdhouse on property line has occupants but they are shy
here is where we are replacing the damaged lattice fence between us and neighbors with salvaged picket fence, I like it better than the lattice here (used the damaged lattice around food garden), the crab apple is one I salvaged when we had our housefire as is the little baby lilac..This is how far I got with the salvaged pickets, can't finish until I buy 4 more panels ..when the truck is repaired.

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