Sunday, May 8, 2011

got more lattice up

Well the lattice around the food forest garden project is coming along nicely, I got nearly all of it done including a new 8' long 2' deep arbor on the east side (pond side) that I just planted 2 gold clematis vines on today..

I had 19 bags of bark, wood chips swept up from the woodshed this winter so today I put cardboard and bark down to cover 80 square feet area along the lattice fence on the s and w sides..till I ran out of bark.

also planted all the odds and ends of saved or given to me seeds that I had from friends or my own gatherings from last fall, flower seeds..and put them in the garden, along the lattice or out front by the road and in front of the house..if they grow it will be beautiful.

even mowed the lawn for the first time today..seems like spring has finally arrived ..

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