Wednesday, May 4, 2011

salvage is a wonderful thing

Well we had some horrible wind storms this fall winter and spring, and they did some fence damage here and at our son's mostly picket fences that will be put back up after the posts are replaced that were damaged..but at Joel's he wants the fence down, as it isn't really useful to him, and it is 6' high lattice..some of the lattice is damaged but some is I'm planning on reusing it all to fence in my food forest garden in the back to protect it from critters a little more.

I began taking down the fence panels, posts and 2x4 framwork a few days ago, but it got cold and I had to stop.

Well today it was warmer so I got to work on hauling it to our house to build the lattice framework around the food garden.

the garden will require 6 8' sections on all 4 sides minus some gates here and there and some arbors.

I have the west side done, it is rough as some of the lattice was in bad shape..the bottom 2' of the posts were damaged but I was able to salvage the top 6' so burying them 2' in the ground I have 4' above ground so my new lattice fence around the food garden will be approx 4' high all the way around, some longer posts will have some birdhouses on them.

On the west where it is done, there will be brambles climbing up into the lattice, raspberries lots of kinds and that the lattice is up I'm THINKING of maybe putting cardboard and mulc on the OUTSIDE of the lattice to make a bed on both sides of it.

On the south where the lattice is also nearly finished will be blueberries and service and june berries, mostly outside the garden south of the lattice, so it won't be shading them..still have to figure what to put on the shady side of the south lattice as there is room to plant some things there..the soil is acidic in this area...thinking of putting the cardboard, mulch, etc on the north side to kill off the grasses there too and maybe do some planting on the shady side.

haven't done the rest of the garden yet, but have hauled a bit of materials back there to work on it tomorrow and any other nice days this week (but  i'm sore (5 weeks from surgery) and sunburned))..I still have several panels of lattice to remove at my sons as well as posts to haul, etc..and of course all the picket fence to repair as well, that might wait a while..the panels are down and stacked until I can get new posts in.

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  1. You've been really busy and the end result will be well worth it. I think it's a great idea to put the cardboard and mulch down on both sides of the fence. I love slavaging things that are headed for the landfill or the burn pile. You have a few hundred dollars worth of material that will benefit you.

    Remember to not overdo it. Take some time out for relaxing between working on the fence.