Thursday, January 26, 2012


We have a stray or dumped off Ocicat living in my son's garage, we thought it was a neighbor's cat until it lost a lot of weight..and was starving. We started feeding him and need to find him a home.

Here are some photos of him..from yesterday.
Here we were feeding him
for the first time, we thought he belonged to a neighbor but when he lost several pounds
we realized he was either dropped off or was a stray.

He is adorable, loving, sweet and friendly. We probably can't keep him here as
we both have cats, Joel is trying to get his cat to accept him but so far????

If anyone would like him, please contact me by email at

Ocicats were bread to look like Ocelots..they have beautiful markings and beautiful personalities


  1. We found a home for Ocicat, 3 miles from our house..with goats and chickens and loving people..hope he is happy.

  2. Aqui podreis encontrar más información de la raza de gato Ocicat y un video del Gato Ocicat