Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid January

Well i did get 2 plant orders sent in and have 5 waiting for the $. I am making a few changes on the orders, dropping a few things that when I read about I realized I didn't want to get, and changing to a few other things that I saw and wanted..will change the list later as I am sure what I'm going to get. As I am buying mostly perennials, O P and heirlooms, or self seeding and possibly overwintering plants, I should have my permanent plantings nearly all finished and have regenerating gardens going soon.

We basically did not have any real snow on the ground that stayed in November or December, but January 1 and 2 we got about 10 inches or more and it wasn't quite melted yet when we got more, and now we are getting a little more again, but at this moment mid January  we only have about 6" deep on the level.

This morning we had a system move in with freezing rain and sleet and now , nearly 11 am, it has turned into snow and they are saying 3 to 6 " for today and more snow every day for the next week. Ron had to call and cancel a dr appt cause the roads were ice. This is more like a Michigan winter.

We haven't even burned half of our firewood that we put up, cool.


  1. Brenda, where do you order your tree, shrubs and native plants? Thanks - so glad I found your blog!

  2. sorry it took so long to answer this, I ordered a lot of things from the usual mail order catalogs like Bountiful Gardens, J L Hudson, gurneys, Starks, etc..

    Generally I have fairly good luck with these places, my seed orders have already arrived for this year. Of course plants won't come until around April or May depending on tenderness.