Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15 some flowers and deck progress

Wandering around with the camera today snapped some photos of my yard..
releveled the little old deck (that has the trap door that leads to our crawlspace under rubber mats)..disassembled arbor, scraped primed and painted the posts and reassembled, could use some more touch up on the lattice. Vines were cut to the ground and now will have to regrow, have clematis, honeysuckle and woodbine vines that grow over this arbor. This is south of the house.

Finished installing the salvaged railings, still need to paint them. They did come up 2' short but when working with salvage those things happen, we'll work that out when we have more $ available.

A view of the finished deck from the East lawn, there are 3 dwarf pear trees growing next to the deck (2 seen in photo).

My favorite pink oriental poppies..

Some of my favorite flowers are Siberian Iris. Here you can see light blue and purple and yellow ones, I also have medium and lighter blue, cream and white ones (seen in next photos are some other ones) I love them.

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  1. I love your garden, and your porch, I absolutely love looking at the pictures you take. Thanks for sharing.