Friday, June 10, 2011

first water lilies of the season and finished deck floor

the white water lilies are always the first to bloom.

Finished the floor  of the deck finally, still have to haul the railings up I salvaged off of the old deck and put them on the new one, but it is fun to sit out here (when it isn't raining).
the finished final corner of the deck, minus the railings which you can see here and there about the property. Green house on the left in picture 2 is our son's house and then the grey building is the rear of our garage. You can see a part of the old deck leaning on the propane tank too, that will be used as a board walk in the garden West of the house along with other parts of the old deck still lying in our back yard. That will give us clean clear access around the house on the west.

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