Friday, June 26, 2015

Ramp is done

well the ramp itself is done and painted, but now needs some second coat areas and touch up paint, as well as a few missed spots that don't really show up on the photo.

As you can see I planted a pear tree in front, it is a semi dwarf moonglow, there is another pear tree in front of the center of the bedroom windows, but it is only a foot or so tall, so it will take a long time to grow up..there are plants and seedlings growing in the n ewly dug garden along the ramp and I have begun to dig out by the plum tree west (left) of the steps (thus pile of tools and wheelborrow)..

I have to dig out all the sod that grew over the pavers..sometime when I'm more full of energy and less busy, and reset all the pavers..

I have a few other projects that have to be done as well as gardening and maintainence....and weeds are so far ahead of me I'll never make a dent..but this had to be done.

update on Ron, 4 weeks out from the surgery Mon next, he will be on crutches for a few more weeks after that and can begin to start putting some weight on his r leg in July..and may possibly be walking with a cane by the end of July. Dr says he is doing really well


  1. I read on another Q&A site from 4 years ago that you planted a bunch of nut trees and one of them anyway was a hardy almond. At the time, it hadn't bloomed. Did it survive and are you getting nuts now? Thanks!! :)
    From Canada,

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