Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 planting list (so far)

I'm not sure if this is complete or not but I think it is close. This is a list of the seeds or plants that I have on hand this spring for planting or have already started plants inside of ...for my 2014 garden. I'm sure I'll buy more, I always do.

Last 3 years we have had severe droughts here in Michigan so I am changing the way I'm doing things a lot this year, starting more things inside rather than outside, cause it is so hard to keep the seedbeds wet here as they are so scatterred and so far away from the house (that happens when you do food forest gardens, they are everywhere)...also going to do a few things in containers on the deck where I can reach them to keep them watered regularly..(just my luck we'll have a wet summer).

Although I didn't write it down, most of the herbs and some other plants have already been started inside, and one of my trees ( a replacement of one that was damaged in shipment last year) has already arrived and is in a bucket on my back porch.

I have also decided (if you read my last post) to NOT use the glass sliding doors and windows that I have salvaged from my sisters as a entry enclosure on my laundry deck entry..but I'm going to use them off my garage to make a second it will be about 6x12 with about a 4x8 raised bed inside and a path around it, also there can be containers on the path and hanging containers from the roof there.

Ok well here is that list of plants for 2014:

Amaranth Grain D'Or
American Redbud (2)
Artichoke green globe
Balm, Lemon
Basil, lettuce leaf
Basil, dwarf green
Basil, opal
Brussel Sprout Long Island Improved
Bush Bean Royal burgundy
Bush Bean Improved Golden  Wax
Bush Bean Blue Lake 74
Bush Bean Mellow Yellow
Pole Bean Rattlesnake

Beet, shiroz, organic
Beet heirloom mixed seed
Beneficial Insect Mix permaculture plants
Cabbage, Primo (started a few seeds today)
Camomile, roman
Cantaloupe vine peach
Chard, rhubarb
Chard, Ruby Red
Chives, fine
Chives, garlic
Corn, Sweet, Tuxana organic heirloom
Corn, Sweet, Festivity, heirloom
Cosmos seed pink and white saved
Crabapple, flowering (2)
Cucumber, heirloom mixed seed
Dill, Mammoth
Dill, bouquet
Dogwood, white flowering (2)
Edible flower and herb mix for container greens
Fennel, Florence
Fraise des bois, strawberries
golden rain tree (2)
Herbs (mixed hasn't arrived yet)
Kale, dwarf cuirled Vates
Kale, thousand Headed
Lavender, Munstead
Lavender, Vera
Lettuce, mix, heirloom bolt resistant
Malabar spinach
Marjoram, sweet
Melon, Haogen
Melon, heirloom mix
Mint, spearmint
Mint, Peppermint
Mitsuba,  aromatic
Oregano, True
Pac Choi
Parsley, flat leaf
Parsley, curly
Parsnip, Homeschooler heirloom
Peach, blushing star
Pea, Golden Sweet Snow Pea heirloom
Pepper, hot mix heirloom (some started)
Pepper, sweet carnival mix hyb.
   Orange sun, Calif wonder, golden Calif wonder, Purple Beauty, Diamond
Pepper, Tobasco
Pepper, Red chili
Podding Radish
Pumpkin, winter Luxury Heirloom
Pumpkin Early Sweet sugar Pie
Pumpkin Triple Treat
Rose of Sharon
Sage, Garden
Salad mix, mesclun, heirloom
Somerset Grape
Squash, Winter  mix heirloom
Squash Sweet Meat Oregon Winter heirloom
Squash Zapallo del Tronco, summer, bush, heirloom
Squash, Dark Star Zucchini heirloom
Squash Early Prolific Straightneck heirloomTomato, cherry mix heirloom
Stella Sweet cherry
Thyme, french
Tomato, large mix heirloom
Tomato big boy Hyb
Tomato Sweet 100 Hyb
Washington Hawthorn (2)
Watermelon, Early Moonbeam heirloom
Yarrow, pink
Yarrow, yellow


  1. This is a very long list of things to plant & it looks like itisgoing to be a lot of work. It is really to bad that a lot of the things we plant for our gardens are not perennials. It would sure save a lot of work each year. Especially in the springtime when there is so much more that needs done. I have a few questions for you reguarding your list.
    #1.} Do you have any of your cosmos seeds left over? I would love to have some light brights for my fence by my birdfeeders.
    #2.} Do you have any holly hocks. I want to plant some of those along my fountain garden. I have only 1 now & it is red.
    #3.} Flowering crabapple trees.How tall do yours get? Are they the standard tree or the Dwarf?
    #4.} Have you planted the Lemon Balm before? I planted it last year & the year before & it comes back each year thicker & nicer.I was told it would not come back but mine did. I am hearing a lot of people saying they lost their herb gardens last year because of the hard winter.I hope my herb garden will come back this year.
    #5.} Burpee has a new tomato out this year that I am planning to try & I thought maybe you would like to know about it as well. It is the Steakhouse Hybrid. it is over 3 lbs. each. It takes only 75-80 days to grow.
    #6.} Have you ever heard of or used something called "Plant Skydd"? It is
    suppose to keep deer & rabbits away from your plants, trees & gardens. A friend told me about it & I was wondering if you may have used it before.
    Will be waiting for your reply. Talk to you later. Debbie

  2. Debbie, I do have some cosmos seeds I saved from myu plants last year, meail me your address and I'lll send you some to
    I do have hollyhocks but they have been petering out, if they come up this year I'll give you some seeds if you want them, have had all colors.
    I have a pole crabapple that has really large ones, these ones coming are just the kinds you plant for birds to eat, going to put them by the field..they aren't dwarf.
    I have planted lemon balm before..what happened this year is I found an ad for a herb catalog and for $20 you got 50 packets of herb seeds (no choice) also 4 packets coming I haven't any idea what and some garlic and shallots but those haven't arrived..a lot of them are perennials
    I have about 95 % perennials in my property, I don't like replanting things IF I don't have to, and I do save seed from a lot of plants when I can, but last years droughts have screwed that.
    I have way too many kinds of tomatoes to grow this year so I don't really think I want any big ones, those are too big for my desires, prefer smaller ones.
    not aware of Plant skydd but I don't use any chemicals on my property, I put chicken wire around the trees that are valuable to me..thanks for your reply