Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 update May 21 including changes to plant list for this year

Well I'm a tad disabled right now, I sliced my left middle finger to the bone with a butcher knife..so excuse spelling and abbreviations.

I thought I would update my plant list a bit, here is what I ordered or have coming replacements for this year, and what I lost over the winter.

one plum and 3 pears had serious damage..but believe the plum and 2 pears are coming back from below the damage I pruned off, same with an apricot and a peach..some apple tree damage and here and there others..Lost a lot of TOPS of shrubs and trees from rabbit damage all over the property, cut down most and chipped up for mulch (dagnabbit rabbits)

My orders for this year included:

Standard Nova Spy Apple
Standard Reliance Peach
Standard Elberta Peach
Standard Hale Haven Peach
Standard Red Havn Peach
Standard Stella Cherry
Standard Windsor cherry (replacement)
Standard Harlayne apricot (replacement)
Standard Heartnut
CarmineJewel Cherry (replacement)
Viking Aronia (replacement coming in fall)
High Bush Cranberry (replaceement)
5 hardy Kiwi (1 male 4 females)

maximillion sunflower
better boy tomato
sweet 100 tomato
mixed sweet peppers
(some tomato and peppers bought from walmart as well as some cabbage and broccoli..)
Royal Burgundy Bush bean
Impr golden wax bean
cylindra beet
rainblow blend carrot
salt and pepper cuke
michilli cabbage
bon vivant Blend lettuce mix (plus leftover lettuce and spicey mix greens from 2012 that are growing nice and self seeded swiss chard and rutabaga)
all american parsnip
now or later pea and leftover seeds from some sugar snap pea
noble giant spinach
festivity OP corn saved from 2012
early prolific straightneck squash
black zucchini
buttercup  squash
sugar baby watermelon
honey rock canelope
money mix sunflower
cosmos seed from 2012
25 strawberries ..some june and some ever bearing
triple treat pumpkins
some other seeds left from last year also and some free seeds and bulbs that came with my orders

amaranth grain d'or
delicata squash
sugar pie pumpkin
malabar spinach
pole bean rattlesnake
summer squash black magic
collards morris heading
greens spicey asian mix
edible flower and herb mix
spicey italian green mix
kohlrabi early white vienna
spinach  bloomsdale long standing
wild rocket
brussel sprout long island imprv
pinetree lettuce mix
broccoli raab di rapa novantine
garlic chives

I have a lot of the seeds started indoors, and some planted out, and a lot yet to do. All the trees and shrubs but 2 have come and been planted for spring and one more coming in the fall.

Neighbor gave me a plum tree last fall and it sustained some damage but is coming back lovely now.

have tomato and pepper plants in the greenhouse and trying some honey rock melon and sugar baby watermelon in there too if there is room for everything (greenhouse is TINY)

Most everything seems to be growing well but I am having germination problems with the seeds of the sugar baby  pumpkin and the two kinds of summer squash..so not sure what will come of that. I did manage to get ONE pumpkin seed so far to sprout but none of the summer squash yet..which we rely on in the summer so I'm still hopeful..must have been some really crap seed.

Most of the trees look really good ..even the ones that we cut a lot off the tops with damge on them..are srouting below the pruning cuts..so there is a lot of hope here this year.

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  1. Just found your site through the premies forum. I too am in Michigan so I am interested in following all that you are doing. Still new to all this so thank you for sharing!