Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm officially addicted, I knew it !!

Yup, I thought one tree order would do it, nope I was wrong.

I just sent out a second tree/plant order, yes I'll admit I'm addicted to trees.

I saw a great buy on some more peach trees (yes I had already ordered two, and Elberta and a Reliance), but these were some I had before the fire, a Hale Haven and a Red Haven, so I couldn't resist. They also had a grab bag of 25 strawberry plants, which I needed and a great buy on Hardy Kiwi so I ordered 1 male and 4 female of those too.

Yes I know, I'm bad.

But when there is still room to plant perennial fruits and veggies what is a gal to do !

1 comment:

  1. Good on you! If I had the cash I would be doing the very same thing :). The more that you plant the more you can harvest in the future. As a penniless student hippy I have to propagate my own BUT in so doing, I end up with lots of babies to spread the love around :).