Sunday, December 30, 2012

fruiting on my shiitake log in Decemnber (Mich)???

I went for a walk in my food forests this weekend, and I found fruit on one of my shiitake logs yesterday. Went out and snapped some photos today. The fruit IS coming out around the shiitake dowels I put in the log in the spring, but it isn't shiitake..probably some stupid foreigner got ahold..hope the shiitake is still growing in there..but this is only one of several logs and others show no growth yet.

Unfortunately this is NOT shiitake fruit..not sure what it is or if it is edible.
Maybe I'll send the photos to Paul Stament and find out if he recognizes it ..and really should anything be growing in 34 degree weather in Michigan in December??

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  1. Whatever it is it seems to be loving that log! ;)