Friday, July 6, 2012

attempting to link flash earth map of our property

Hopefully this will take you to a flashearth link to our property..This is the south part (road side) and it shows our house and property in  the center, sons on the right and neighbors on the left. I beleive it must have been taken during either late winter or early spring as there is very little foliage (only  the evergreens) and there is a shadow in our front yard of the large tree that we had cut early spring, so it was taken before then. Also our neighbors have redug their pond and it is now larger. The squiggly lines east of our son's house is a radio control car track he built how it shows up.Also this map has to be at least 3 years old, as the bridge to our island isn't shown or the waterfall and there are a lot more clay piles around the pond then there were this spring..most are moved it is probably 2010 in my estimation. Roads are also not visible into the woods. Wonder when they'll update it? Oh and our lattice surrounding the rear fence was just partially up at that time too, so that dates it at least back to 2010.

this second link is the NORTH end of the property, woodsy can see the drainage ditches that go back to the woods and that come off of the side road in a curve..and at the far SW corner you can see our old broken down horse barn..the rest is mostly just shadows of the deciduous trees in the woods and the colorful evergreens..,-85.33456&spn=0.001176,0.001781&ctz=240&t=h&z=19

Trying google earth, it is more updated but still from spring when only evergreens were in foliage, however this one shows
the bridge to the island, more of the lattice up around the rear garden and a few more updated things..but this still shows
the large tree in the front yard so it was taken before that was taken down in the spring.,-85.334469&spn=0.001176,0.001781&ctz=240&t=h&z=19

This map you can see slight shadows where the trails go through the woods as well.

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  1. I will look forward to seeing that post in in the facebook group once its up. Cheers Marty