Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Reports

OK, three more book reports..

Permaculture in a nutshell.Patrick Whitefield..a tiny little book, british, a cute little overall view of permaculture..a very short read..It's OK..but don't buy it.

How to Make a Forest Garden..Patrick Whitefield...same author a bit better book, still british. More complete than the previous one and more likely to recommend it but still think Gaia's Garden is a better read for North Americans

Forest Gardens by Robert Hart

OK this one is a lot too British for me, but OK. Still feel that  as I said above Gaia's Garden was a better read for North Americans but if you have the time to read it, go for it..but get it from the library.

Right now I'm reading Permaculture Designer's Manual by Bill far it is what I expected and contains a lot of information that I have already read in other permaculture books and phamplets by the same author. If you aren't familiar with permaculture it is a good book to buy, even though I haven't finished reading it..I'll finish this up when I have..later ..

I have added some book reports to the Ecologically Sustainable page at the bottom of the page. The reports are on the following books:
Gaia's Garden
Introduction to Permaculture
Plants for a Future
Perennial Vegetables
Edible Forest Gardens volume 1 and volume 2

please go to the Ecologically Sustainable page and scroll down for more information: