Friday, December 3, 2010


Well we have our first 2 " of snow of the year, already doing dreaming with my newly arrived plant catalogs..I know..I know..can't buy yet.

I have been making  notes and sticking them on my 2011 calendars on things I want to do first thing in the spring, reminders and dream the fences damaged by the wind, as soon as weather allows in the spring, tear off the laundry room deck and build a new one that fits our  needs, tear up the pavers in the front yard and lay a walk..

didn't finish this year's to do list and already have one started for next year.

did get a temporary door and cat door and plexi panel up in the rear opening, so it is totally closed off for the winter..ot perfect, nothing is ever perfect, but it will do....picture is LAST year's snow, in the front yard.

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