Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting ready for Autumn

Got all of my potato and carrots dug and some onions.

Dug up some more plants to plant in the shallow pond end and on the banks, have planted several light blue and yellow siberian iris now as well as some hosta, fern, filipendula, elderberry and lythrum on the shallows but also on the steep banks I put in some pinkish purple everbearing roses called Purple Pavement as well as some variegated vinca vine to spill down over the bank with the roses..moved the variegated dogwood down the bank closer to the water to help it as it was suffering from the drought.

Even got another mowing of all the lawns in now but not the trails..hopefully they have been mowed enough for this autumn going into winter and won't require another mowing until Next June.

Even moved a few pepper and tomato plants into the greenhouse to see if possibly I would be able to get some harvest off of them yet this year.

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